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Update, with more photos

My grand hopes of writing more here were dashed on the ever-unpredictable rocks of parenting a toddler. Sammy’s had a rough week. All four of his canines seem to be coming in at once. Two have broken through thus far, and the other two (along with the attendent low-grade fever) are causing him considerable discomfort. […]

(Very) Belated Update, with Photos

Today we’re observing one year in Neuchâtel, and all is well. Several weeks of familial illness seem to finally be coming to an end. Sammy is adjusting to his 2 mornings a week at crèche with a minimum of separation anxiety. Martha’s first annual work review went extremely well, with new opportunities and responsibilities coming down […]

Updates, General and Photo

September is a big month in Neuchâtel, and this September has been a big month for little Sammy. Here are the highlights: The beginning of the month featured a weeklong vocational fair called Capa’cité taking over the city centre. This would have been great, except the Green Village (featuring all kinds of outdoor work) was right in […]

Photo Update – Late August 2010

Here are some pics of Sammy and I’s walk to the neighbouring village of Serrières, as well as some action shots of Sammy walking around. Enjoy!

Massive Photo Update, part 1

Here are the first batch of pics from the last several weeks. Hundreds more will follow, but Martha is currently monopolizing the computer I need to use so that she can finish the final draft of the thesis. (!!!) In the mean time, I hope you’re satisfied with lots of Sammy photos.  🙂


This is me trying to pull this blog out of mothballs. The last several weeks have been quite busy. Here are some highlights: Visitors! We had our friend from Maui here for 6 weeks, and also 2 friends from Toronto here for 10 days. Travel! While our TO friends were here we spent a weekend […]

June Photo Update

Here are pics of Sammy and Neuchâtel from the past month, broken into two batches for your viewing convenience:

Passing Thought

I wonder at all that wastes away before me. It seems that so much of what I’d taken for granted is passing away so fast. Is the Eschaton becoming more immanentized more quickly, or am I simply becoming older and thus more sensitive to changes in the wind? My son will not know the world […]

Photo Update

Sorry to be silent for so long. Here are some pics to tide you over until I can write something substantive:

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #8

Martha is now safely on her way back home and Sammy is enjoying an unusually long nap. I thought I would take this time to post some random bits: It’s difficult to find non-white bread here without nuts and seeds baked into it. (Or, more accurately, the only brown bread I’ve found without nuts in […]