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Update, with photos

Things here in Neuchâtel are pretty good. Here’s a scattershot of recent events: Sammy is now a master of pulling himself up, forward crawling, and cruising the furniture. As I type, he’s walking his morning laps around the coffee table. Back in April, Martha and I seriously revamped our diet. As of this writing, I’m down […]

Futile Update

I was just starting to type when Sammy woke up prematurely from his morning nap, as he has done for a week straight now. So much for the resumption of normal service. I am coming to accept that no service is the new normal. If you’re expecting correspondence from me, then keep waiting. Take some […]


Apologies for not updating since moving into the apartment. We got our Internet connection last week, and the place is slowly coming together. We get the last shipment from IKEA tomorrow, so then it will just be a matter of finally getting things assembled and put away. There’s not much spare time to do either. […]

Placeholder Redux

It’s been about a month, and the baby’s currently asleep, so time for another placeholder post. Since my last ping, the little guy has been wrestling with various ailments. He had a moderately bad cold during the end of October. Just as he was recovering from that (and we got back to him sleeping through […]


On the (questionable) principle that something is better than nothing, here is a quick post. I was working on a longish post (which would amount to a shortish tract) on hypocrisy and envy as democratic vices, but my work-to-date is trapped on the hard drive of my now-dead laptop. This has renewed my interest in […]

Official Statement of Position

I will happily take working outside on the farm over sitting in front of a computer any day of the week, rain or shine.