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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sammy Photo Update

Here are assorted pictures of Sammy from the last four weeks. They are provided without commentary.

House Assembly Photos

I’ve divided the big block of new pics into 2 themed groups. Here is the first, focusing on our slowly evolving new home:

Resumption of Normal Service

After 4 weeks of madness, things around here seem to have settled back into a happy routine. Here’s a terse summary of the recent past: Spending every Saturday, all Saturday, at IKEA for 4 weeks straight. The Saturday just past was the first that we were not there. 6 IKEA deliveries. The total mass of […]


Apologies for not updating since moving into the apartment. We got our Internet connection last week, and the place is slowly coming together. We get the last shipment from IKEA tomorrow, so then it will just be a matter of finally getting things assembled and put away. There’s not much spare time to do either. […]

Political Shrewdness

From Throne speech to tackle lack of skilled workers. The Conservatives appear to have found the sweet spot between pandering to their supporters in the business sector and stealing immigrant support from the Liberals. The Liberals can’t oppose this without leaving themselves open to accusations of hurting Canada economically and being anti-immigration, and if a […]

Another Photo Update

Two batches of photos in as many days? Zut alors! Here are pics I took yesterday of our premier Mars holiday:

Long-overdue Photo Update

Here are pictures from the past week or so:

Joyeux premier Mars!

Today is a holiday in the canton of Neuchâtel, celebrating the anniversary of joining the Swiss Confederation. We awoke this morning to a cloudless sky. This is by far the best weather we’ve seen here thus far. Further, Sammy awoke this morning the happiest baby ever. He’s been up for 2 hours now and hasn’t […]