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Passing Thought

I wonder at all that wastes away before me. It seems that so much of what I’d taken for granted is passing away so fast. Is the Eschaton becoming more immanentized more quickly, or am I simply becoming older and thus more sensitive to changes in the wind? My son will not know the world […]


All philosophy speaks to the present. The decisive difference between greater and lesser philosophy is the extent to which it speaks to the perpetual present, the permanent human condition.


“In every tradition, the answers gain the upper hand over the questions, and in fact to such an extent that the answers come to be taken for granted and are no longer questioned; thus considerable effort is ultimately required in order once again to become conscious of which questions they answered and how the alternatives […]

Random Political Philosophy-related Thought

Both Plato and Nietzsche are famously critical of democracy. Nietzsche’s disparagement of democracy is much more oriented towards its corrosive effect on philosophy as a way of life, however, where Plato suggests that democracy is actually conducive to the philosophic life. What, then, is the decisive difference between ancient and modern democracy? The most obvious difference is […]

Current Reading

Here’s a list of the books I currently have on the go: Martha Nussbaum: The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy Seth Benardete: commentary on Plato’s Sophist from The Being and the Beautiful Heinrich Meier: Leo Strauss and the Theologico-Political Problem Allan Bloom: Love and Friendship Michel de Montaigne: Essays  Gavin Betts […]