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Photo Update

Here are the last of our photos from the Ontario visit, featuring the big dinner party at the Old Spaghetti Factory on our last night in Toronto: I’ll have some recent Neuchâtel pics up later in the week — promise!

Update, with more photos

My grand hopes of writing more here were dashed on the ever-unpredictable rocks of parenting a toddler. Sammy’s had a rough week. All four of his canines seem to be coming in at once. Two have broken through thus far, and the other two (along with the attendent low-grade fever) are causing him considerable discomfort. […]


This is me trying to pull this blog out of mothballs. The last several weeks have been quite busy. Here are some highlights: Visitors! We had our friend from Maui here for 6 weeks, and also 2 friends from Toronto here for 10 days. Travel! While our TO friends were here we spent a weekend […]

Passing Thought

I wonder at all that wastes away before me. It seems that so much of what I’d taken for granted is passing away so fast. Is the Eschaton becoming more immanentized more quickly, or am I simply becoming older and thus more sensitive to changes in the wind? My son will not know the world […]

Quick Update

It’s 6am here. I’m trying to get in a bit of communication with the outside world before Sammy’s awake and the day begins in earnest. Things here are goodish. Sammy’s not napping well anymore, but sleeps great through the night. While this is good as that we can at least sleep at night, I now […]

Joyeux premier Mars!

Today is a holiday in the canton of Neuchâtel, celebrating the anniversary of joining the Swiss Confederation. We awoke this morning to a cloudless sky. This is by far the best weather we’ve seen here thus far. Further, Sammy awoke this morning the happiest baby ever. He’s been up for 2 hours now and hasn’t […]


Greetings! I had new photos to upload, but then the smart card in the camera died while we were out on Sunday. (Problems with the card explains why photos would sometimes be inexplicably missing from the camera. We took more shots of the new apartment’s interior, but they were gone when we got home.) The […]

Photo Update!

Long overdue, here are the photo highlights of our last couple of weeks. Included are pics of the interior of the new apartment, our new hotel suite, and general neatness from around town (plus some Sammy stuff thrown in).

Update on Various Matters

The last week has been quite harried. All three of us are in various stages of dealing with sinus infections. Martha has started her in-office French lessons. We have been wrapping our heads around the inherent problems of outfitting a family home when you’re not proficient in the local language. Again, the ubiquity of at-least […]

Update, with photos

This past week has been a whirlwind of running around western Switzerland. Wednesday we made our trip to Bern to pick up Martha and Sammy’s Slovenian passports from the embassy. We are now a family of dual citizens.  🙂  Our attempts to register our Swiss residency with the Canadian and American embassies were much less […]