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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Life in Neuchâtel

Here are some new photos taken over the past few days, including a bunch of Sammy.

Our Pride and Joy

I haven’t wanted to say anything for fear of jinxing it. As that last night was the 8th (!!!) night in a row, however, I think I can safely say that Sammy now sleeps through the night (11 or so hours), in his crib, unswaddled.  🙂  Our little guy is growing up so fast.

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #6

Neuchâtel seems near-perpetually covered in fog during the winter. We had been warned about this by friends who’d lived here previously, but at the time I took their descriptions with a fair bit of salt. They have turned out to be quite correct. In the 10 days we’ve been here, we’ve been able to see […]

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #5

Apologies for no post yesterday. Sammy’s been having a hard time over the past few days. Every parking complex in which we’ve been thus far has had electric signage at the entrance and at every level telling you how many empty parking spots are left on each level. What’s more, the parking complex in the […]

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #4

After 7 days, today I finally saw not one, but TWO other lone men pushing baby strollers. While it remains nowhere near as common as in Toronto, I feel somewhat less alone now. I had my first communications failure today. Among my list of things to get today were measuring spoons. I searched the kitchen […]

More Photos from Neuchâtel

Here are some additional Neuchâtel pics, mostly taken yesterday:

Assault on Chateau Neuchâtel

Today, Sammy and I finally found our way up the hill in the middle of town into the castle for which the city is named. Here is photo-documentation of our journey:

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #3

I’ve been wondering why people look at me funny when I walk around town. I’ve isolated the following possible contributing factors, and feel that any or all of them could be playing a role: A man pushing a baby stroller by himself. (The Swiss are entertainingly sexist about these things. Many people have commented on […]

Quelle surprise!

In the local supermarket this morning, I saw Lagavulin 16yr for HALF the price the LCBO charges. It’s nice not having an ocean between me and Scotland.  🙂  However, said ocean does not explain why top-shelf Cuban cigars are also half the price as Toronto.

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #2

Switzerland does not have barbecue chips. In their place on the chip aisle are paprika chips, which are the same yet somehow slightly better. After a few days of walking around, Martha and I never once saw a grill on anyone’s balcony. We took this to perhaps mean that people here don’t barbecue at all. […]