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Photo Update

Here are the last of our photos from the Ontario visit, featuring the big dinner party at the Old Spaghetti Factory on our last night in Toronto: I’ll have some recent Neuchâtel pics up later in the week — promise!

Update, with more photos

My grand hopes of writing more here were dashed on the ever-unpredictable rocks of parenting a toddler. Sammy’s had a rough week. All four of his canines seem to be coming in at once. Two have broken through thus far, and the other two (along with the attendent low-grade fever) are causing him considerable discomfort. […]

(Very) Belated Update, with Photos

Today we’re observing one year in Neuchâtel, and all is well. Several weeks of familial illness seem to finally be coming to an end. Sammy is adjusting to his 2 mornings a week at crèche with a minimum of separation anxiety. Martha’s first annual work review went extremely well, with new opportunities and responsibilities coming down […]

On Protest, Progress, and Fate

Many of my friends have already voiced their opinions on events in Toronto over the past weekend. Some of the more worthy writing on the subject can be found on Facebook here and here. It’s taken some time for me to sort out my own thoughts and feelings about what happened and what it means. […]

The Shape of Things to Come in Ontario

From today’s Toronto Star:  “Tory leader chides city unions — Toronto strike galls taxpayers, Tim Hudak says in his first day on the job” Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If you liked living in Toronto with the political climate of the mid-1990’s, you’ll love what’s coming in a couple of years. […]

Eating Our Own, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Man Keeping Me Down

As I write, a city-wide outside public worker strike has brought many vital services (including garbage collection and public day care) in Toronto to a screeching halt. Neither side had done a good job of handling the politics of this, and both the city government and CUPE have come off looking ridiculous for their respective […]