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Monthly Archives: June 2010

On Protest, Progress, and Fate

Many of my friends have already voiced their opinions on events in Toronto over the past weekend. Some of the more worthy writing on the subject can be found on Facebook here and here. It’s taken some time for me to sort out my own thoughts and feelings about what happened and what it means. […]

Shut out of the Ivory Tower

This article is a lengthy explanation of why my family now lives in Switzerland. (The crack comparing Ph.D’s and migrant fruit pickers hits very close to home.) I recommend it to everyone, but especially those of you in the world of research science. From Miller-McCune: “The Real Science Gap”

Passing Thought

I wonder at all that wastes away before me. It seems that so much of what I’d taken for granted is passing away so fast. Is the Eschaton becoming more immanentized more quickly, or am I simply becoming older and thus more sensitive to changes in the wind? My son will not know the world […]

Update, with photos

Things here in Neuchâtel are pretty good. Here’s a scattershot of recent events: Sammy is now a master of pulling himself up, forward crawling, and cruising the furniture. As I type, he’s walking his morning laps around the coffee table. Back in April, Martha and I seriously revamped our diet. As of this writing, I’m down […]