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About ‘Permanent Expatriate’

‘Permanent Expatriate’ is Quentin Blasingame’s current blog. He lives in├é┬áRichmond, Virginia with his wife and son, though he grew up in downstate Illinois, lived most of his adult life in and around Toronto, and spent 2010-2011 living in Switzerland.

Quentin earned his combined Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) in Great Books/Liberal Studies and Political Science from Brock University in 2007. He earned his Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 2008. He reads and speaks basic French, retains a pitiful smattering of Latin from an introductory university course, and is currently trying to learn Greek on his own. (To-date, he has learned the alphabet and a few basic words and names.) He also has the familiarity with Hebrew that comes with reading too many books on Western occultism in his youth.

Quentin has worked in various restaurants and bars, done Web design and IT consulting, been a drug study test subject, written for the roleplaying and computer game industries, and provided telephone technical support. He currently spends his days and nights as his son’s primary caregiver, which should explain the infrequency of updates to this forum.