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Tough Mudder

In pursuit of my physical fitness goals, as well as in what may be a outrageous lapse of judgment on my part, I’ve signed up for Tough Mudder’s Toronto event in August. Besides feeding my urge for self-destruction and having fun running around with friends in the mud, I’m using this as a milestone towards […]

Political Shrewdness

From Throne speech to tackle lack of skilled workers. The Conservatives appear to have found the sweet spot between pandering to their supporters in the business sector and stealing immigrant support from the Liberals. The Liberals can’t oppose this without leaving themselves open to accusations of hurting Canada economically and being anti-immigration, and if a […]

Joyeux premier Mars!

Today is a holiday in the canton of Neuchâtel, celebrating the anniversary of joining the Swiss Confederation. We awoke this morning to a cloudless sky. This is by far the best weather we’ve seen here thus far. Further, Sammy awoke this morning the happiest baby ever. He’s been up for 2 hours now and hasn’t […]

Stasis, (North) American Style

I continue to watch events unfold in North America, and what I see makes me happier every day that I left. The fools “governing” both the United States and Canada should read Aristotle’s Politics, 5.1-4 (hopefully re-read, but that seems unlikely at best) and reflect on what he says about political stasis and how regimes fail. […]

Update, with photos

This past week has been a whirlwind of running around western Switzerland. Wednesday we made our trip to Bern to pick up Martha and Sammy’s Slovenian passports from the embassy. We are now a family of dual citizens.  🙂  Our attempts to register our Swiss residency with the Canadian and American embassies were much less […]

Book Review (in progress): John Ralston Saul’s ‘A Fair Country’

I have been making progress through A Fair Country while killing time in the waiting room of my wife’s OB/GYN. In two visits, I’m now over 1/3 of the way through. If my son continues to loiter, I may have it complete before he’s born. As with everything of his that I’ve read to date, […]