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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Neuchâtel — Thoughts and Observations #8

Martha is now safely on her way back home and Sammy is enjoying an unusually long nap. I thought I would take this time to post some random bits: It’s difficult to find non-white bread here without nuts and seeds baked into it. (Or, more accurately, the only brown bread I’ve found without nuts in […]

Photo Update

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

Quick Update

It’s 6am here. I’m trying to get in a bit of communication with the outside world before Sammy’s awake and the day begins in earnest. Things here are goodish. Sammy’s not napping well anymore, but sleeps great through the night. While this is good as that we can at least sleep at night, I now […]

Futile Update

I was just starting to type when Sammy woke up prematurely from his morning nap, as he has done for a week straight now. So much for the resumption of normal service. I am coming to accept that no service is the new normal. If you’re expecting correspondence from me, then keep waiting. Take some […]