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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Multiculturalism by IKEA

A well-worn critique of the North American variety of multiculturalism is that its purported multiculture is, in truth, an anti-culture where capitalism destroys meaningful cultural values and leaves only economic interest behind; the melting pot as a vat of acid. (My Canadian friends might argue that this is a valid critique of the United States, […]


Greetings! I had new photos to upload, but then the smart card in the camera died while we were out on Sunday. (Problems with the card explains why photos would sometimes be inexplicably missing from the camera. We took more shots of the new apartment’s interior, but they were gone when we got home.) The […]

Stasis, (North) American Style

I continue to watch events unfold in North America, and what I see makes me happier every day that I left. The fools “governing” both the United States and Canada should read Aristotle’s Politics, 5.1-4 (hopefully re-read, but that seems unlikely at best) and reflect on what he says about political stasis and how regimes fail. […]

Photo Update!

Long overdue, here are the photo highlights of our last couple of weeks. Included are pics of the interior of the new apartment, our new hotel suite, and general neatness from around town (plus some Sammy stuff thrown in).

Academia Goes Postal

From today’s Chronicle of Higher Education: As for Ms. Bishop’s state of mind following her tenure denial last year, her husband said she “didn’t want to go the way of” another university scientist who had lost tenure and was now driving a shuttle bus in Huntsville. Maybe I am better off as a house-husband…

Update on Various Matters

The last week has been quite harried. All three of us are in various stages of dealing with sinus infections. Martha has started her in-office French lessons. We have been wrapping our heads around the inherent problems of outfitting a family home when you’re not proficient in the local language. Again, the ubiquity of at-least […]

Sunday Drive

Here are some photos taken during a Sunday drive through the Neuchâtel countryside:

Huzzah Redux!

For those interested, the online listing for our new apartment can be viewed here. And yes, we are amused that we’re living over a McDonald’s.  🙂


We got the apartment we wanted! 🙂

Update, with photos

This past week has been a whirlwind of running around western Switzerland. Wednesday we made our trip to Bern to pick up Martha and Sammy’s Slovenian passports from the embassy. We are now a family of dual citizens.  🙂  Our attempts to register our Swiss residency with the Canadian and American embassies were much less […]