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An Expatriate’s Apology

Since telling people that we’re soon to be back on our native continent, I’ve had many people ask (on- and offline) whether I was going to change the title of this blog. A discussion of this blog’s title has been kicking around in my head since I first started it. My varied attempts to write […]

Photo Update

Here are some pictures from the past month, focusing on our friend Dennis’s visit and the move out of Rue de l’Hôpital 20. There are, of course, also lots of pictures of Sammy:

The Big Announcement

We’re coming back to North America! This is a much-redacted stub of the big, detailed piece I wrote on the subject, which Martha felt was too detailed for right now. Anyway, we’re relocating to Richmond VA for the end of October. Our flights are booked, our stuff is packed, and we’ve steeled ourselves for another […]

Quick post, anticipating a larger post

Life here continues as it has for the past few weeks. We continue to wait for final confirmation of our big news. Although significant bureaucratic hurdles have been cleared, the finish line is still up ahead just out of reach. This ongoing source of tension has been largely allayed by Sammy, who seems to become […]

Close Call

RE: aforementioned momentous news –> So, last month, Martha’s employer here in Switzerland announced they were cutting 25% of their research and development staff here in Neuchâtel. Obviously, this has had us very worried. Add to this that, when asked if they would pay to send home non-EU folks like us who would lose their work […]

Photo Update

More regular updates have been precluded by family sickness and the return of teething trouble with Sammy. Also, there’s momentous news on the horizon that’s been very distracting, but it’s not appropriate to discuss said news until it comes to fruition. Expect another post towards week’s end. In the mean time, here are some photos […]

(Very) Belated Update, with Photos

Today we’re observing one year in Neuchâtel, and all is well. Several weeks of familial illness seem to finally be coming to an end. Sammy is adjusting to his 2 mornings a week at crèche with a minimum of separation anxiety. Martha’s first annual work review went extremely well, with new opportunities and responsibilities coming down […]

Updates, General and Photo

September is a big month in Neuchâtel, and this September has been a big month for little Sammy. Here are the highlights: The beginning of the month featured a weeklong vocational fair called Capa’cité taking over the city centre. This would have been great, except the Green Village (featuring all kinds of outdoor work) was right in […]

Photo Update – Late August 2010

Here are some pics of Sammy and I’s walk to the neighbouring village of Serrières, as well as some action shots of Sammy walking around. Enjoy!

Massive Photo Update, part 1

Here are the first batch of pics from the last several weeks. Hundreds more will follow, but Martha is currently monopolizing the computer I need to use so that she can finish the final draft of the thesis. (!!!) In the mean time, I hope you’re satisfied with lots of Sammy photos.  🙂