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The Big Announcement

We’re coming back to North America! This is a much-redacted stub of the big, detailed piece I wrote on the subject, which Martha felt was too detailed for right now. Anyway, we’re relocating to Richmond VA for the end of October. Our flights are booked, our stuff is packed, and we’ve steeled ourselves for another […]

Close Call

RE: aforementioned momentous news –> So, last month, Martha’s employer here in Switzerland announced they were cutting 25% of their research and development staff here in Neuchâtel. Obviously, this has had us very worried. Add to this that, when asked if they would pay to send home non-EU folks like us who would lose their work […]

Official Statement of Position

I will happily take working outside on the farm over sitting in front of a computer any day of the week, rain or shine.

Update, and Reading

I’ve let more than a week go without an update. This bodes ill for the future of this project. Tomorrow is my last day at the call centre. Tuesday I resume working for my father-in-law again, trying to get his farm ready for a big food safety inspection in August. This will take at least […]


My last work-related post seems to have roused slumbering mystical forces. Call volume has increased significantly, a bunch of my fellow agents have been calling in sick, and one has even quit since last I wrote. Work is busy again, so no more furloughs for me.  🙁

Welcomed Furlough

For those reading this who don’t already know, my current day job is as a technical support agent in a local call centre. I’m not at liberty to disclose the client or the product, but let’s just say that I provide support for a headless network appliance running the home variant of Windows Server 2003. […]