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Life in Neuchâtel

Here are some new photos taken over the past few days, including a bunch of Sammy.

Our Pride and Joy

I haven’t wanted to say anything for fear of jinxing it. As that last night was the 8th (!!!) night in a row, however, I think I can safely say that Sammy now sleeps through the night (11 or so hours), in his crib, unswaddled.  🙂  Our little guy is growing up so fast.

Dialogue with Sammy

Sammy: Being sick is awful. Quentin: Indeed. It’s worse when we’re both sick, isn’t it? Sammy: It certainly is. You’re much slower in feeding me, changing me, and tending to my various urgent needs. It doesn’t help matters at all. Quentin: I know, Sammy, and I’m sorry. Sammy: ‘Sorry’ doesn’t quite cut it, does it? […]