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(Very) Belated Update, with Photos

Today we’re observing one year in Neuchâtel, and all is well. Several weeks of familial illness seem to finally be coming to an end. Sammy is adjusting to his 2 mornings a week at crèche with a minimum of separation anxiety. Martha’s first annual work review went extremely well, with new opportunities and responsibilities coming down the pipe. I continue to keep the house in a somewhat acceptable state of orderliness, and even get some reading and thinking done from time to time.

As mentioned last week, I want very much to make more use of this blog. My main impediment isn’t really lack of time, but rather the feeling that the details of our day-to-day aren’t all that interesting. I must be resolved to remember that, even though I don’t think the minutia of our lives is worth committing to the Web, other people probably don’t feel that way. Besides, everyone likes hearing about Sammy.  🙂

In that spirit, here is the beginning of the photos from the Ontario trip. (Hey, better 3 months late than never, right?) I’ll be putting these up in batches over the coming week. We start out with a few pics from our misadventurous 24 hours of travel from Neuchâtel to Toronto:

The photos stop at Heathrow because we’d all lost the will to live at that point, much less take pictures. Here are photos from our visits with Martha’s family in Niagara and Hamilton. Much happier times: