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Category Archives: Administrative

After lengthy absence…

Hello to anyone that still pays attention to this outlet, and to those who pay attention to this outlet automatically via RSS! After three chaotic months, I am in a position to begin devoting some attention to this project again. Here’s a very terse summary of what’s happened since my last post, in rough chronological […]

Update, and Reading

I’ve let more than a week go without an update. This bodes ill for the future of this project. Tomorrow is my last day at the call centre. Tuesday I resume working for my father-in-law again, trying to get his farm ready for a big food safety inspection in August. This will take at least […]

A New Experiment in Self-Indulgent Self-Expression

This is my new blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My aim with this project is to document some of my personal, political, and philosophical interests — hopefully illustrating along the way how all three coincide and overlap. I would like this to be both more personal and broad than […]