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After lengthy absence…

Hello to anyone that still pays attention to this outlet, and to those who pay attention to this outlet automatically via RSS! After three chaotic months, I am in a position to begin devoting some attention to this project again. Here’s a very terse summary of what’s happened since my last post, in rough chronological order:

  • I resumed working the local farmers’ market circuit for my father-in-law. This required moving my wife and I to the farm to live full-time.
  • My wife and I put our house up for sale.
  • My first child was born, and my wife endured a long and painful recovery from said birth.
  • Awful weather ruined this year’s cherry crop and brought rain to over half the trips I made to made to market in July, making July a write-off for the farm.
  • My son developed colic, making August an emotional abyss for my wife.
  • My wife tried resuming work on her Ph.D. thesis, with poor results. (see above)
  • My wife and I sold our house, spending a week in a mad whirlwind of packing and readying the house for the new owners.
  • The farm underwent a food safety and traceability audit, for which I was responsible for preparing the farm. I now know more about this subject than I ever thought I would.
  • A variety of these and other factors led my wife to insist that our situation at the farm is untenable. I ceased working at the farm and took over full-time parenting while my wife got a renewed handle on her thesis.
  • Shortly thereafter, we moved out of the farm and back to Toronto, saved by the support of kind and generous friends.

So here I am, back living in one of the two cities I love with the flux and anxiety of the summer receding into the distance. My wife and son are both healthy and happy, and our near- and mid-term future appears stable. I’m hoping that this will allow me the leisure to begin posting here again on a regular basis. I guess we’ll see.  🙂