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Greetings! I had new photos to upload, but then the smart card in the camera died while we were out on Sunday. (Problems with the card explains why photos would sometimes be inexplicably missing from the camera. We took more shots of the new apartment’s interior, but they were gone when we got home.) The loss of these most recent photos is regrettable, as that these pictures included new shots of Sammy and some nice looks at Neuchâtel when the sun is out.

Tonight is my first French lesson at one of the language schools here in Neuchâtel. I am looking forward to it, but am uncomfortable about being away from Sammy for so long. I can count on my hands the hours that I’ve been out of his proximity since taking the role of primary caregiver. Martha keeps telling me how I have to get out and enjoy some personal time for the sake of my mental health, but it never seems to really happen. Part of it is circumstance; Sammy and/or Martha and/or me getting sick, Sammy having problems with teething, etc. Part of it is also my reluctance to do anything besides take care of Sammy, since that is currently the extent of my usefulness and doing anything else makes me feel guilty. Whatever fun I might have is drowned by the stubborn fear that I’ll be accused of being an awful person for not being at home where I belong.

We’ll see how long a regular evening out for me lasts. The last time I tried such a thing was in November. It lasted all of 2 outings.