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Quick Update

It’s 6am here. I’m trying to get in a bit of communication with the outside world before Sammy’s awake and the day begins in earnest.

Things here are goodish. Sammy’s not napping well anymore, but sleeps great through the night. While this is good as that we can at least sleep at night, I now have very little time during the day to do anything not Sammy-related. Also, days with Sammy are now a gradual descent into fussiness and despair, as he gets more and more tired but refuses to sleep.

Martha’s off to a conference in Italy this week, at an island resort off the coast of Naples. She leads a hard life.

The long-ago promised postcards are slowly being written and mailed. Your patience is appreciated. If you have any to spare, please send it here posthaste.

There are also pictures and videos from the last month, yet to be uploaded. Hopefully, I will see to them this week.

That is all.