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This is me trying to pull this blog out of mothballs. The last several weeks have been quite busy. Here are some highlights:

  • Visitors! We had our friend from Maui here for 6 weeks, and also 2 friends from Toronto here for 10 days.
  • Travel! While our TO friends were here we spent a weekend in Lyon, toured CERN, endured a hectic evening dodging death by psychotic traffic in Geneva, and lastly visited Gruy√®re and saw the H.R. Giger Museum there. These activities generated hundreds of photos, which I am now editing and making ready for online viewing.
  • Sammy! He now has 5 teeth fully emerged and 3 more en route. He stands on his own, bends at the waist while standing, and has made his first attempts to walk unassisted.
  • Martha! We are on the cusp of knowing when her defense and our Ontario visit will be. We are still shooting for the end of September, but noting is certain yet.
This will have to do for now until I get photos posted and have more spare time.