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Reading, and other matters

I spent the morning with my long-suffering wife in the OB/GYN’s office, where we waited over 2 hours for her to be seen. In the interest of avoiding grinding my mental gears, I left the philosophical reading at home for the occasion and instead took with me Thomas Frank’s newest, The Wrecking Crew. It’s an enjoyable read; a pleasant presentation of stuff I mostly already knew. Democracies are prose to corruption by those who peddle in cognitive dissonance and suck up to the wealthy? Quelle surprise! If this is really new information for people, maybe there is a good reason we should still read Plato in political science classes.  😉

My wife is on the last weeks of our first pregnancy, and is doing somewhat well. Her blood pressure fluctuates and she remains on bed rest, but all other test that would suggest serious trouble are thus far negative. All I have to do is make sure she stays down and not doing things she shouldn’t and all will be well.