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Another month, another terse post to maintain the thin pretense of this blog. I hope that I’ll be able to devote more time and thought to this after the dust finally settles on the relocation. I guess we’ll see.

Christmas was fun. Sammy made out like a bandit, thanks to the many wonderful gifts sent by family and friends. We enjoyed having some of Martha’s family down here for the holidays, and are looking forward to having my father visit next week. Our stuff finally comes out of storage to be delivered to the house on Monday, and my dad arrives on Friday. Getting the house ready to receive him, and transitioning Sammy to the house, should occupy my attention fully next week.

I’ve started volunteering here in Richmond, thanks to Hands On Richmond‘s valuable service as a volunteer portal. More on this as I put in more hours.

Finally, throwing a bone to current events, I’m having grand fun watching the Republican Party destroy itself. Romney can have New Hampshire, for all the good it will do him. The South Carolina primary result will be much more decisive for the long-term health of the party.