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Photo Update

Here are some new pics from the last few weeks featuring a trip to the local Jardin Botanique, Sammy’s encounter with a huge bouncy cathedral, and a trip to visit with one of Martha’s colleagues and her little boy. The last two photos commemorate the big music festival that happened here over the weekend, personified […]

Spring Photo Update

Here are some photos from the last month, featuring pics from the recent visit by our friends the Pykes: We will likely have some big news soon, but right now we have to keep things on the DL.

Delayed Photo Update

Here are the photos promised nearly two weeks ago, finally sorted and uploaded: My excuse is that Sammy and I have both been sick (again) and Martha’s spent most of the last two weeks travelling for work. Not much of an excuse, but I’m sticking to it.

Photo Update

More regular updates have been precluded by family sickness and the return of teething trouble with Sammy. Also, there’s momentous news on the horizon that’s been very distracting, but it’s not appropriate to discuss said news until it comes to fruition. Expect another post towards week’s end. In the mean time, here are some photos […]

Photo Update

Here are the last of our photos from the Ontario visit, featuring the big dinner party at the Old Spaghetti Factory on our last night in Toronto: I’ll have some recent Neuchâtel pics up later in the week — promise!

Update, with more photos

My grand hopes of writing more here were dashed on the ever-unpredictable rocks of parenting a toddler. Sammy’s had a rough week. All four of his canines seem to be coming in at once. Two have broken through thus far, and the other two (along with the attendent low-grade fever) are causing him considerable discomfort. […]

(Very) Belated Update, with Photos

Today we’re observing one year in Neuchâtel, and all is well. Several weeks of familial illness seem to finally be coming to an end. Sammy is adjusting to his 2 mornings a week at crèche with a minimum of separation anxiety. Martha’s first annual work review went extremely well, with new opportunities and responsibilities coming down […]

Terse Placeholder

My one and only New Years resolution is to make better and more frequent use of this forum. I’m sure doing a bang-up job of that. I will try to actually write something tomorrow.

Updates, General and Photo

September is a big month in Neuchâtel, and this September has been a big month for little Sammy. Here are the highlights: The beginning of the month featured a weeklong vocational fair called Capa’cité taking over the city centre. This would have been great, except the Green Village (featuring all kinds of outdoor work) was right in […]

Massive Photo Update, part 3: CERN, Geneva, and Gruyères

This is the last batch of photos from the last several weeks: In the interest of finally getting them online, I haven’t commented on the photo pages themselves. Please let my terse descriptions below suffice: The CERN photos are of the testing facility we toured, where new sections of the LHC are tested and […]